2019 Board

President        Paul Cress

Hatchery Manager

                      Bill Spring



Monthly meetings are held

at Delware County Field &

Stream Assoc. in the main

club house on the third 

Thursday of the month starting

around 7:30

About Us and our History

     Delco Anglers and Conservationist were first incorporated in October 1962. This year will be our 48th year raising trout. Trout that we use to stock our local streams for the benefit of all fishermen. The nursery's location for the first 37 years was on the grounds of Tyler Arboretum in Media Pa. We had fish pens that were rectangular raceways about 125 ft. long by 10 ft wide.  The nursery has been dedicated to raising various types of trout including Brown, Rainbow, Golden and Pennsylvania's state fish, the Brook trout, also called           "Brookies". We are proud to be one of the few co-op trout nurseries in the Southeastern part of Pennsylvania that are given fingerling Brook trout to raise. 
     Our current location is within Ridley Creek State Park adjacent to the bicycle trail on Barren Road in Middletown Township. The pens now used are circular in shape. We draw water directly from Dismal Run. This way the water is the same temperature as the streams we put our fish into. The tanks have aeration systems and the fish are fed every day by dedicated members that volunteer their time.